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They might deserve one start for the actual pool. But this company is HORRIBLE -their work is that is....

DO NOT HIRE THEM..... You will pay dearly. Be sure to check out the BBB in the Greensboro and CHarlotte areas too... Mr.

Ken Kitchell is a great talker... but that is ALL you will get. He will promise you a gold hill only when he leaves you find a pile of you know what, We have permits with Mecklenburg Count that are TILL open that he has yet to finalize. We are having to pay those contractors more because he will not come back, return our calls NOR reply to our attorney.

DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY or this MAN. HE will tell you he built pools atop the Bellagio in Las Vegas...

I dont' care.. but if you hire him; you are going to be left with upwards of maybe the $8-$10k that we are.--- that is ON TOP of the $30k we already paid for the pool

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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Is the concrete patio spec calling for 4" ? The concrete structure in the photo is not 4" thick,, and what was the spec called for in the contract ?

3000 lb, 4000 lb,,, and were fiberglass fibers used or specified.

Did you get what was specified ?


Ken Kitchel knows what he is doing and has put in thousands of pools all over the us and they are great. You can clearly see this homeowner did not landscape around the concrete and when the rain washed off the concrete it just washed the dirt from underneath. Usually the homeowner grades the yard after the concrete is poured, your grass should be flush with the concrete.

to Anonymous #918468

Mr kitchel is a thief. A fraud.

A despicable human being. Karma will be beautiful once cast his way

Winston Salem, North Carolina, United States #809136

Like was stated before. Go to Davie County Courthouse or any courthouse in NC and check out the names Ken Kitchel or the pool and spa store and you will see over $70,000 in civil lawsuits..

Earlier Ken stated they have all been paid. This is not true. I just looked yesterday and there are still over $50,000 .00 in civil law suits they lost and have not reimbursed home owners. Look for your self.

You will see what I say is true. He HAS NOT paid these off as he stated earlier. The proof is in the record in ALL courthouses in NC. It's is free of charge.

Go to the civil side and ask if there are ANY civil judgements on anyone's name.

It is free and before you hire anybody check this source out. It will save you a lot of trouble

to Anyone USA #809292

your info is so out dated...........kind of like all the evidence Tina Hasty said she had yet all her charges were dismissed due to lack of evidence

to Anonymous Winston Salem, North Carolina, United States #810552

So if you are saying it is out dated, then you have confirmed there are outstanding judgments. As of last week you still owe the people in Rockingham co, Guilford County and Forsyth County.

Not to mention the State licensing board where you lost the case for wiring a pool not being licensed.

Its all on your record. Go look, you know its there

to Anyone USA #812428


to Anyone USA Madison, North Carolina, United States #945533

The customers in rockingham have sued for a judgment and won. there are three names on the suit and all three are kitchels. it ia in the city of madison tha the pool was installed without a permit as well.


it's strange how anyone would be willing to consider hiring a company with all these allegations. leaves a lot of room for doubt.

and honestly while I am glad I got to see these reviews before I have made my choice- I find it stranger that the charges against them are even being discussed by 'them' on this forum.

to Anonymous #809107

People do business still because it's clear that the complaint was false and declared so by a court. Now had the information been true than people may have avoided this business.

to Anonymous #911073

It is a miracle to see how so many people have have focused on this one person and company. One person and so many people wrongfully picking on you !

Is it "reasonable" to believe all these people are wrong ,,, or is it reasonable to think it's this company and it's officers that are at fault. Two areas of responsibility come into this picture. Civil and Criminal ! If all these people are wrong, maybe we should prosecute them for believing in good and reasonable business practices are expected when a purchase or service is rendered.

It is amazing that all these people found just you Sir, maybe you should be in the Comedy profession. You have no current representative who is a Bar Member in good standing with the NC Bar Association. Is it possible to imagine your past customers could get their voices heard via the appropriate Licensing Offices in Raleigh ? The North Carolina IRS could have questions as well,, and the appropriate filing of LLC holdings and meetings of the Company LLC officers, are those up to date,, AND correct ?

Labor Office practices to some of your former customers and employees, everything and everyone but you are wrong. Imagine those odds !

Under the counter payments to workers are actually illegal ! Failure to pay and under reporting everything from Social Security withholding to their taxes as well as their company liens are also items for all good honest tax paying citizens. I guess this man, his other rather loud speaking officer and their personal history has yet to be exposed.

The Board Meeting minutes are filed on a timely manner too I suppose.

This company is surely an upstanding and legally operated business, as the required Licensing Board Licenses in his office will document. One person and his company,, and all these customers who just arbitrarily picked the same fellow to have their complaints with,, Sir,, you sure have bad luck!

to Anonymous #911043

Many people don't do background checks on operating business companies until they have problems. We DO have this gentleman and his holdings under scrutiny and are working with due concern here in the Raleigh offices.

Thank one of his customers for bring his actions and years of practices to our attention.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #807468

Just because the DA decided this might be too hard to prosecute doesn't mean it is over. They still have TWO FELONY charges to address in Davie County that are much STRONGER a case than we have so we plan to be witnesses to that account and try to help that prosecution as much as possible if they let us.

June 12th in Davie County is the Court Date for BOTH of those FELONY taking monies by false pretenses.

I have the Day off ALREADY.

If the Kitchel's want to sue us,,, come on. We have a really STRONG counter suit just waiting for them......

to tinayhasty #807743

the davie county charges will not stand either............but you just keep hoping for the best.......there is no crime if the homeowner in question wont press charges and the distributor of said pool kit materials has been paid.........case dismissed

to Anonymous #911044

You should get an attorney that knows the field of law you are violating. Woefully wrong sir !

to Anonymous #911080

Homeowners do not have to provide policing policies on state licensed companies. The State of NC has that responsibility.

He has most likely forgotten how OJ Simpson's case progressed. He won the criminal issues, but lost everything in the civil case.

It's probable you have civil and criminal complaints in this matter.

to tinayhasty #807813

pretty hard for a DA to prosecute a case that was not a crime.........mecklenburg DA said he dismissed it due to lack of credible evidence.......read his report

to Anonymous #911046

That report is in the Raleigh case files. Enjoy your day of delight while your customers suffer from the harm imposed by you and the practices of business you fail to provide.

to tinayhasty #911076

You always have civil paths you can take. I suggest that you could get the proper assistance with the representative Licensing and Business state level agencies in Raleigh.

General Contractor, Electrical Contractor, and the list goes on and on. You do have remedies at your state offices,, maybe you could seek their assistance,, and while at it,,, inquire as to his licensing requirements and all the areas of civil practices for the services he thinks he provided. I venture to submit this company and officers have a long history of questionable practices.

Use the services you as a taxpayer in good standing have against such as this.


For all of those leaning an ear in on Tina Hasty who wanted the JUSTICE SYSTEM to take care of her complaint it has been DISMISSED!!! Why do you ask was it dismissed BEFORE the actual hearing date...

Because she had no viable complaint. Her complaints were fraudulent and incorrect. Tina Hasty is an upset homeowner with a beautiful pool who chose not to pay more for great work. TINA Pinterest is not the place to get ideas to build a retaining wall.

As for your forgery claim it is LEGAL and a POA is not required. Thank you for submitting your complaint and proving they are fraud. You had your chance to bat and now it’s my turn. I will have my day and that day may be tomorrow that day may be in 4 months.

Either way I will be making sure a lawyer handles it all from beginning to end. I hope you are ready for me to now prove to a court my complaints. Also in NC when opening a complaint they can arrest anyone just based off the complaint. I wonder how fast they will act when we take all of our evidence and META DATA to the magistrate?

I guess it will just be a guessing game. Have a great day and see you in court.

Signed Colby Kitchel, Owner and Managing Member

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