We are absolutely thrilled with the new pool from The Pool Store LLC! Everyone involved was great, helpful and knowledged.

The owners are awesome in helping us plan what we wanted and setting everything in motion for us. We were picky but in the end have an amazing pool sitting in our backyard.

His staff was always right on time to fill us in on what was happening, etc., and the folks that showed up each day were terrific. Thank you Kitchels for making the back yard of our new home something we'll be proud of for years to come!

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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #801729

To the poster of this ORIGINAL POST: your comments are either fake or you are the 1% of lucky people, or the friends of the Kitchel's. Look for yourself.

He was arrested last week for "taking money for False Pretenses" - which is a FELONY and again today- APRIL 3rd for FORGERY- a felony and misdemeanor False Promises/ - he is jail RIGHT NOW. So for those who think that he is just fantastic...

you got LUCKY. For the rest of us,,,, we are waiting for the justice system and a little bit of KARMA to take him down.

to tinayhasty Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #807303

Case Dismissed. Justice Sytem clearly found in favor of Ken Kitchel, The Pool Store LLC.

Now to let the justice system handle my complaint.

And i do beleive publicly implying harm aka KARMA against a person is considered a threat. I will have to find out from my attorney.

Daytona Beach, Florida, United States #791487

Thanks for the help. After seeing these other reviews we looked deeper into the company and unfortunately found some unsettling info, including FL arrest records and warrants as well as other consumer horror stories, we just can't take the risk.

Best of luck to others who have used or use company

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #790301

I can only imagine they do since they did my pool in AZ and we are further. Not sure what they would charge you since I can only imagine every job different.

to Jason Strum Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #801732

Yes, Jason- he jumps from state to state til he runs out of steam from his crooked sideways schemes. Las Vegas, to Arizona to Michigan to Florida to NC...

he has been everywhere and pretty much everywhere he has left a trail of destruction. I wish I could post links because his mugshot list is pretty impressive since 2006. He is in CUSTODY on my WARRANT right now....

and that is two arrest in 10 days... fairly impressive.

Daytona Beach, Florida, United States #789793

Do you know if they travel to Florida? We would love to add a pool to our rental house and this one looks just like what we envisioned

Are there prices reasonable would you say and do you think they've gone up much since when you had yours put in. this is our first time looking around at pools

thanks for the info

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #788765

this co is in nc.... but you are in arizona? somehow that review seems fake

to Anonymous Phoenix, Arizona, United States #788949

The pool store LLC is nationwide.

to Jason Strum San Bruno, California, United States #790889

This is not a nationwide company. Ken talks big but that is all it is.

I checked, Ken has over $73,000 in civil judgment just in NC. Check Fl, st. louis, michigan, texas. Where ever he is he rips people off.

Ken and Victoria are *** artists and have been for years.

His record speaks for him self.

to laura San Bruno, California, United States #791149

Clearly there nationwide if they are doing business in all those states. I don't see any judgments that you speak of. Add a link Laura so we can all see them and make a true decision

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